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    PAULA – New York Escort Service

    Hi! I’m Paula, a passionate, fun and vivacious young top-class gorgeous girl with a playful, positive and spirited outlook on life. You will definitely enjoy my amazing curves, sweet sensuous lips, sparkling innocent eyes, and long silk gold amazing hair. I am a true GFE, who loves the excitement of meeting new people. I am hot and sexy, you can be on top of your feelings with me… Furthermore, I am a well-educated so can be interesting for you. High-class New York Escort Service it’s about me. I provide top-class services. You can know me as sexy active and elegant. I am very natural, an open mind and easy-going. I am representative and take good care of how I look. Likewise, I love what I do, and you will surely see that unquenchable passion when we meet. Looking forward to meeting you soon!
    Paula goes on, “I can’t imagine what a guy goes through in the modern world. Every time he turns around someone is telling him that if he tries to meet a girl, he’s being a sexist or a misogynist. If he sees a pretty girl and tries to chat her up, he’s harassing her. If he doesn’t bother her, he’s treating her differently. When he gives up on meeting women, he’s a loser and a virgin and not a man. When he tries to have sex with all kinds of women, he’s again a misogynist and some kind of sexist. There’s just no winning for a guy in modern society unless he knows who he is, and he refuses to take anybody’s grief. I like a man who is confident enough to say that he knows who he is, and he’s not going to take any grit from anybody. He’s just going to step out there and tell everybody who will listen that he’s going to take life on his own terms. I guess that’s why women like ‘bad boys.’ A bad boy is a difficult guy, sure, but he’s a man first. He tackles life the way a man tackles life, and that is what women admire about men like that. It’s what draws them.”


    City: New York
    Age: 24
    Height: 168 cm
    Weight: 53 kg
    Bust: 4
    Hair: Blond
    Language: English, Spanish, Portugues