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Elizabeth – NYC Escorts

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    ELIZABETH – The NYC Escorts Adventures

    Elizabeth is beautiful! She is one you cannot help but stop and stare at. Your glance will linger in appreciation. With a Eurasian heritage, Greece/Persian, Elizabeth is a unique hybrid treasure of delights by NYC Escorts.  She has the elegance of Greece, the exotic beauty of a Persian and the positive down to earth characteristics of an Aussie.

    Elizabeth has luxuriously long jet black hair; juicy cherry lips made just for…well you know what for; creamy caramel skin, so silky your hands will relentlessly want to touch and explore every part of her body; and her body, a tight toned tiny butt, dancers legs, and voluptuous perky breasts give her curves to die for. Being a trained classical dancer with a gymnastics background, Elizabeth has the flexibility to be bent into many sinful positions, use your imagination, she can comply!

    Elizabeth is comfortable in her sexuality and bubbly, cheeky being. She has an abundant sexual appetite and aims to please and enjoy.

    She also has the gifts of a chameleon, so you can take her anywhere, ranging from the ballet and a lavish dinner for a hardcore music festival with hot dog vendors. Elizabeth has very eclectic tastes and is well-educated, so I can muse about pretty much anything, or at least have awoken or witty opinion. Be confident Elizabeth will be comfortable and fit in, while making you feel comfortable and proud you have her by your side.

    Deposits essential to book her

    Elizabeth is a touring #FlyMe To You Companion. All tour dates are not set in stone due to Elizabeth being whisked away for an exclusive ‘Fly Me To You’. However, rest assured that all pre-bookings that have paid deposits will be honored first and foremost! Pre-bookings and deposits are highly appreciated and respected by Elizabeth and will always be honored and respected as such.