Eduarda – New York Escort

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    EDUARDA – The Ultimate Guide To New York Escort

    The Goddess Experience

    Thank you for stopping by,
    whatever it was that caught your eye, I’m happy you were drawn to my energy. There are no accidents, there is a divine reason you are reading this…

    I am Eduarda.
    Nurturer, lover, compassionate empath, and beautiful Brazilian New York Escort Goddess wanting to share my love with you!
    I am warm, funny, engaging and present. My beautiful feminine curves with mesmerizing you, I have been told my body is the ultimate feminine shape, toned yet juicy, sculpted yet flexible and fluid…

    I love to express myself through dance (sometimes soft and sensual, or wild and erotic depending on my mood), healthy creative cooking, laughter, and just being a big goofball and making others laugh!
    I love to nourish my body and soul with the gift of living my life to the fullest, With an open warm heart is the only way, connecting with others for me truly is what makes my world whole. Not only that, but I have such a huge appetite for LIFE!

    I am gifted with the ability to really SEE into you and feel exactly what my lovers need in order to feel more.
    More pleasure, more clarity, more connection, more unconditional love for yourself and others.
    I am a very sexual, and deeply feeling woman, I adore my work and am so, so blessed to do what I love every day! Sexuality is an incredibly important driver in my life, I ooze it from the pores of my being.

    If your Soul is craving to feel deeply connected to another but first and foremost- YOURSELF, to learn about your own body, and what brings beautiful pleasure, healing and soul growth, but also how to connect and bring sexual pleasure either shared between us or also with your partner, I would be honored to be the medium to help you discover the incredible healing power of your own sexual energy.

    Please know that I do not offer any service lists purely for the reason that what I offer is not a service.
    It’s an experience through emotional and sexual heartfelt connection. If you ask me when inquiring, I can advise my boundaries (what I don’t offer) and you can assume other than that I am very fluid and open-minded, I love things to unfold organically.


    I so look forward to connecting,
    All my love,